Air Conditioning Seaford

Exact AC are committed to ensuring all customers across Seaford are delivered the highest standard support and services towards all aspects of air conditioning. With this in mind, we’ve established a reputation for success and a passion for what we do.

If you’re looking to install air conditioning, Seaford experts are on hand at Exact AC to help you with making a decision about which model would suit you best. Moreover, we’ll provide you with ongoing support in regards to maintenance and repairs, allowing you to live in comfort throughout the year.

Which type of air conditioning should you choose?

Ducted reverse cycle: Allowing you to control all aspects of temperatures and climate within your business or home in Seaford, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning can be used throughout warm and cool months. Best of all, recent inverter technology means these units are a lot more affordable and cost-effective than ever before.

Split reverse cycle: Offering you the chance to heat or cool your smaller space, split cycle air conditioning is an all-year-round unit and is the most versatile. Perfect for Seaford properties that need a two-way model, this mode of air conditioning is affordable and convenient.

Evaporative cooling: As the most affordable and economical pick of the bunch, evaporative cooling uses filters to sift fresh air through cool water. These units, however, feature less control over climates, but are a lot cheaper to install.

If you’re not sure which unit would best suit your needs, our Seaford technicians can help you make a decision. Contact us today for more information.